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Really easy to do at home test. The turnaround time was fast. I got a printable report with a lot of great information. You get sent a kit that has three lancets, a hand wipes, a card to collect blood sample, band-aids, ziplock bag to put sample in, self returned shipping label and a bag to put label on to return the package via USPS. Taking sample is easy. Poke finger with lancet, drip blood onto sample card.  Place ziplock bag with card back in box. Put box in shipping package. Seal shipping package then put in mail box or take it to USPS drop off. No postage required. They send you results via text and or email. Definitely recommend this product.

Erica S.

Acne Test <3

I have been dealing with adult acne for over a year, its hard to find the main issue with my acne. My doctor recommended this test, and I was able to do it rather quickly. The results was very helpful in diagnosing my issue with my doctor. I ordered the test on Know. and I received it in 2 days, the test was painless and easy. I sent in for my results and I got them in 4 days. This saved me alot of moeny since I didnt need to get a doctor note to do the test.

Dylan L.