Metabolism Test

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Know. Metabolism Test is an at-home kit that evaluates three critical hormones that help your body maintain a normal metabolism rate. Through this test, the range of hormones assessed can help you identify if your metabolism rate is affecting your weight gain/loss and energy.

Metabolism refers to the chemical reactions in our body that breakdown molecules to obtain energy or the creation of compounds needed by our cells. Our metabolism is one of the vital components in creating energy and relies upon our nutrition intake. In addition, our metabolism plays a vital role in body composition, weight, and even our mood.

Every individual has a unique metabolic rate. As a result, individuals have a different level of efficiency at which their body converts food into energy. Factors that contribute to the level of efficiency include weight, age, body composition, hormone levels, and gender. Thyroid functionality can influence the metabolic rate.

Our Metabolism Panel measures the primary indicator of thyroid health, TSH. Furthermore, the Metabolism Panel measures testosterone and cortisol, two additional hormones that influence body composition, physical performance, and other important functions. Testosterone influences muscle production and athletic performance (testosterone levels are typically much higher in men than women). Cortisol promotes fat storage, mobilization of blood sugar, and muscle breakdown.

    • Markers Measured


      Free Testosterone

      Thyroid‑stimulating Hormone

    • Who should get tested?

      Anybody with a generally persistent feeling

      Fatigue or Feeling Tired

      Weight Gain

      Increased Body Fat

      Decreased Muscle Mass

      Sleep Disturbance


    • How It Works

      Order test, have it delivered to your doorstep.

      Complete simple sample collection.

      Mail back to our certified lab (pre-paid shipping label included)

      Receive your results on our secure platform within just days.