Women's Health Test

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Know. Women’s Health Test is an at-home kit that evaluates hormones related specifically to women. Our test is the most comprehensive hormone panel for women at all stages of life; women who are considering starting a family, entering menopause, or just have a general interest in their hormone levels can take this test. Through this test, the range of hormones assessed can help you identify if your hormonal imbalance may be causing symptoms that are keeping you from feeling your best.

Women’s hormones are constantly changing and the slightest imbalance can affect

  • daily activities
  • menstrual cycle
  • mood
  • metabolism
  • libido
  • sleep

Hormonal testing is a critical step in understanding reproductive and general health. If you discover a hormonal imbalance, you can take steps toward rectifying the issue.

Our Women’s Health Test can be taken at your own home, and the results are provided by an experienced, CLIA-certified laboratory. At a low price, our Women’s Health Test is the perfect initial point for those wanting to assess their hormone levels before turning to more expensive, difficult, or complex alternatives.

    • Markers Measured



      Luteinizing Hormone

      Follicle‑Stimulating Hormone


      Total Testosterone

      Cortisol x4

      Free T3

      Free T4

      Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

    • Who should get tested?

      Fatigue or Feeling Tired

      Weight Gain

      Increased Body Fat

      Irregular Periods

      Cold Intolerance

      Heat Intolerance

      Hot Flashes

      Night Sweats


      Sleep Disturbance

      Low Sex Drive

      Mental Fatigue

      Lack of Concentration

      Headaches or Migraines


      Hair Loss


    • How It Works

      Order test, have it delivered to your doorstep.

      Complete simple sample collection.

      Mail back to our certified lab (pre-paid shipping label included)

      Receive your results on our secure platform within just days.